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Congratulations! Your one step closer to obtaining your Driver License. All you need now is to enroll into a Drivers Training program.

At E & M Economy Driving School we have a 99.9% passing rate and offer a structured and comprehensive behind-the-wheel training program that prepares our students to pass the DMV Driving Test. Our certified and licensed driving instructors will teach students the basics of driving and gradually increase in driving intensity taking the new prospective driver to a more complex road condition (ie: freeways...etc). The instructor will also allow the student to experience the current traffic condition and evaluate how he or she drives within the situation. Later thereafter, will our instructor make any necessary improvements and correct any mistakes, if needed. Here at E & M, we value our students learning and therefore keep a record of progress for each and every single student that drives with us. We also want our students to feel comfortable and secure while they drive, so we offer this program in our insured, unmarked, dual-controlled, well maintained, and air conditioned vehicles. Our instructors motivate and encourage their students to learn and to improve the essential trade of driving to pass the driving test and to be a BETTER driver for the future.


Drivers Training for Minors 15 1/2 -17 1/2 years of age: ONLY $285 for 6HRS

Once a minor has obtained his or her permit, he or she won't be allowed to take the DMV driving test until 6 months and 1 day from the time the learner's permit was issued. In order to ensure driving success and improvement, we spread out the students training schedule into a series of 3 days that are ramified for 6 months. Within that 6 month period, the student drives for 2 hours for those 3 days and on the 3rd and final day, the student is given the OL 238-gold certificate, which is needed to take the DMV driving test.

(Please take note that the Department of Motor Vehicles requires a total of 50 hours of driving with the parents and 10 of those hours be driven during the night. This must be done within the 6 month period while the minor has her or his permit).

*Time management is essential for great results. Therefore, we schedule according to the students convenience and our instructors schedule.

For Minors That Have Taken Drivers Education Elsewhere: ONLY $285 for 6HRS

E & M Economy offers the 6 Hour Drivers Training program to students who have taken the class either at another driving school, their school, or online. The student can then take the Learner's Permit test at the DMV. Once he or she has passed, we can then schedule him or her to start the training.

Drivers Training for Adults 18 years of age & older: see Additonal Pricing for fees

In order to ensure driving success and improvement, we spread out the students training schedule into a series of 3 days. However, not one after another. We highly suggest that the adult also practice, aside from our training, with another person who has been driving in California for awhile to increase the chances of passing the driving test. The DMV does not require any certificates to take the behind-the-wheel driving test for adults.